Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our appliances and services. If your question is not listed here feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

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General Questions

Coway was established in Korea in 1989 as a professional manufacturer of water purifiers.

Since then, we have made it our mission to offer the best solutions in home healthcare appliances and have extended our products to also include air purifiers, bidets, and water softeners.

In 2007, Coway USA was created, based in Los Angeles, California. Coway USA currently provides service in 15 locations throughout the United States.

Going forward, Coway will continue to innovate in the home health appliance sector and expand our service areas to bring everyone the care they need.

Coway offers service within a 70-mile radius of our branch locations.

Please visit our Contact page for a full list of locations.


Our rental program allows customers to easily use our home health appliances through monthly rental fees spread across multiple contract lengths. Included in this monthly fee are filter replacements and maintenance services (Heart Service):

1. Throughout the rental period, our servicing technicians replace filters at industry recommended intervals, ensuring the effectiveness of our products for our customer’s health and safety

2. Any necessary maintenance is included in the rental contract and will be promptly carried out by Coway’s expert technicians. (Damages due to customer negligence will be excluded from coverage.) 

3. Appliances hygienically cleaned at every maintenance and filter replacement.

Monthly fee is determined by the contract length and optional registration fee ($0/$100). Providing a SSN and payments via ACH direct debit are required for rental agreements. 

Upon completion of a contract, customers can re-rent the same or a different product at a discounted rate.

The Registration Fee is an optional fee, that if paid, can reduce the monthly rental fee. The Registration Fee is non-refundable after the product installation is complete.

Our technicians will schedule a time with you to de-install the product at the end of the rental period, Alternatively, customers can continue using the product by continuing to pay the monthly rental fee. Customers who have completed their rental contract can cancel their rental contract without penalty.

Yes, You can. But Cancelling the contract before the full contract length has elapsed will result in a penalty charge. (60% of calculated daily rental fee times the number of unused days within the contract period.)

We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is not possible to change the contract terms during rental.

If your new residence is within our service area, please see the following fees for relocation

    1. De-installation at previous residence: $50

    2. Re-installation at new residence: $50

    3. Customer is responsible for moving the product to the new location.

    4. If under sink drilling is required, an additional $100 fee is required. (Under sink water purifier only)

Unfortunately, rentals cannot be managed outside of our service area. Cancelling a rental will result in penalty fees as listed above. Transfer of rental is possible.

Yes. Transferring (change of name on product rental) is possible from 6 months after the contract start date until 6 months before the contract expiration date. Please see the following conditions:

Transferor (giver): You must agree to the transfer of the product and rental contract to the transferee (recipient) and settle any previously unpaid usage fees.

Transferee (recipient): After checking both the condition of the product as well as the contract terms and conditions, you must agree to 1) the transfer 2) the handling of personal information and 3) the contract and terms and conditions by Coway. Payment information is also required.

For name change documents, please contact the call center and we will kindly assist you. 


If you are within our service reach, you can receive filter replacements and necessary maintenance by subscribing to the membership service.

Membership provides Heart Service (see below) for purchased products. This includes filter replacement, product maintenance, and product sanitation. (At least 1-year subscription required/ a monthly membership plan automatically will be applied at the end of 1-year subscription)

You can purchase filters on our website at coway-usa.com. Visit the filter section of your specific Coway product page for purchase options.

Ordering & Payment

Once your Coway product is installed, the usage fee for the month in which your product was installed will be calculated as follows:

(Monthly fee/number of days in that month) x number of remaining days in that month

The following month (first full month) will be considered the first month. The payment in the first month will consist of the installation month’s usage fee and the monthly payment for the first month.

Customers can choose a payment due date of the 10th, 15th, or 20th of each month.

To cancel an order please address the following timeframes and guidelines:

    1. Before the installation is scheduled: Please request cancellation via email.

    2. After the installation is scheduled: Please call the customer service center.

    3. After installation is complete: Orders can be canceled or refunded within 3 days from the date of installation. After 3 days, please refer to the general rental contract termination rules. 

You can pay your monthly rental fee via ACH direct debit. However, credit card information is required when placing an order online. Customer information can be adjusted to ACH payment information after product installation is complete. For more details, please contact the customer center.

Payment in installments is possible. Please inquire with the customer center for more details.

If the monthly rental fee is not paid by the designated delivery date, a late fee of $5 will be applied to the following month’s payment.


After a successful order, customers are contacted by the local service center within 2-3 business days to schedule installation.

There is no fee for basic installation. If countertop drilling is required, a fee of $100 will be charged. Other fees may be required in unique installation circumstances. Our technicians will assist you through this process.

Coway water purifiers can be installed anywhere where there is a water line and an electrical outlet (however, non-electric models are also available). Water line extensions are available as long as the necessary water pressure is met. Prior to installation, our technicians can verify the installation location.

Heart Service

Heart Service is a comprehensive maintenance service in which Coway technicians regularly visit Coway customers to offer filter replacement, product maintenance, and product sanitation.

Heart Service is included in Coway rentals. Heart Service is also available to customers who purchased our products via Membership.

Coway keeps track of your scheduled filter changes and will contact you to schedule a Heart Service visit. For other types of maintenance, please contact our Customer Center at (213) 386-3033

Due to differences in water source quality per region, inspection and filter replacement intervals are as follows:


Please check the filter section of your corresponding Coway appliance at coway-usa.com for detailed information.


Warranties are provided for the duration of a rental period (apart from customer negligence). Customers who purchased a Coway product are provided a one-year warranty. Specific parts may have differing warranty periods. For any questions, please contact our customer service department.