Countertop Water Purifier CP-6330L

Model CP-6330L
Features Purified Water, Cold water, Beige Color

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Coway Water Purifier



Four one-touch dispensing amounts

"My Cup" customizable dispensing amount to perfectly fit your preferences

Convenient touch button panel

Easy choice selection for everyone

RO filter technology that filters out harmful substances including heavy metals and viruses.

Four one-touch
dispensing amounts

Pre-measured dispensing in half cup, one cup, and two cup amounts. Customizable "MY CUP" dispensing amount to conveniently meet your needs.

*The exact amount of water dispensed may vary depending on usage environment.

* MY CUP allows you to set the dispensing amount in 10 ml (0.3 oz.) increments from 120-800 ml (4 oz. - 27 oz.).

Easy-to-use water dispensing lock

Full lock mode to ensure child safety.

* The full lock function is set by pressing the Key Lock button.

Light-sensing power-saving system

Power-saving Eco Mode that detects surrounding brightness and reduces energy consumption at night.

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Water Filtration
Filter Cartridge STEP 1) Plus Neo-sense filter STEP 2) RO membrane filter STEP 3) Plus Inno-sense filter
Filtration Capacity 1.57 gal / h
Tank Capacity|Ambient 0.71 gallon
Tank Capacity|Cold 0.6 gallon
Power consumption|Compressor 110W
Feed Water Temperature 41℉ ~ 95℉
Dimensions(W X D X H) 12.6 x 21.3 x 16.0 inch
Main features
Cold water
Purified Water

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