Core Plus Hot & Cold Standing Water Purifier

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Large capacity
with tank UV sanitization

Water Purifier




3 large-capacity preset
dispensing amounts

※ The exact amount of water dispensed may vary depending on usage environment.


Convenient waist-level
dispensing height


Leakage prevention function
for peace of mind


Hot water lock
for safer use

Large-Capacity Slim Design

Large-capacity water purifier that fits various environments such as restaurants, offices, and sports facilities

※ Cold water temperature is below 50 ℉ after cooling is complete (based on external temp. of 95 ℉).
Hot water temperature is above 176 ℉ after heating is complete (based on external temperature of 59 ℉).
Continuous dispensing dispenses 58 cups of cold water, 24 cups of hot water, and 86 cups of room temperature water.
Results confirmed by Coway Environmental Technology Research Institute for the CHP-5722L Standing Water Purifier.
※ 1 cup is based on 4 oz. One bottle is based on 33.81 oz. The exact amount of dispensed water and temperature may vary depending on usage environment.

Award winning design and slim profile
easily fits in any space

Enhanced purification by
applying tank UV sanitization

※ Testing agency: TÜV SÜD; Product: CHP-5722L; UV Performance: 99.9% sanitization effect by applying tank UV; Test method:
1) Escherichia coli ATCC 25922, Staphylococcus aureus ATCC 6538P, Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC 27853,
2) Test environment: indoor temperature of 25±5 ℃; indoor humidity of 65±20%; incubation temperature of 35-37 ℃,

Intuitively designed for
safe and easy operation

Various convenience features
for more comfortable use.

3 large-capacity preset
dispensing amounts

Tall dispense height easily
fits bottles and pitchers
over 9 inches tall


Convenient waist-level
dispensing height


Leakage prevention function for peace of mind

When a water leak is detected internally, the water supply is automatically shut off to prevent further leakage.


Hot water lock for safer use


Light-sensing power-saving system that reduces unnecessary energy consumption

When the light sense detects that is it night, the system automatically reduces the number of times the water cooler/heater is operated to reduce power consumption.

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Water Filtration
Filtration Method RO System (Reverse Osmosis) ①Neo-Sense ②RO Membrane ③Plus Inno-Sense
Tank Capacity|Ambient 2.75gal
Tank Capacity|Cold 1.87gal
Tank Capacity|Hot 0.95gal
Main features
Cold water
Hot water
Purified Water

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