Coway's Beliefs.

We believe the key to a happy home is a healthy home. Coway strives to bring in clean water and clean air into your home or business.

Coway's Goals.

To stay innovative and continuously finding better ways to purify your home with fresh air and clean water. Always with new insights and ideas, we are continuously in the lab figuring out the best ways to turn your home into a sanctuary.

Coway's Promise.

We promise to bring you a healthy way of life to the convenience of your own home. Constantly coming up with new innovative ideas to bring the freshest of airs and Cleanest of waters for you and your family.

Research & Development

Intuitive, innovative, and timeless, our products are created with years of data and perfecting the most efficient products. At Coway we pride ourselves on quality with a sleek exterior surface to fit perfect anywhere in your home.

Design Philosophy

Coway designers have come up with a way to make our products look pleasing in any type of home, while making sure that we have clean water and air available for you and your family. Coway has won awards from numerous prestigious design competitions all over the world including iF, Germany’s reddot, IDEA of the US, Pin Up Awards of South Korea, and Japan’s Good Design awards.

More About Us

At Coway USA, our focus is to bring you the cleanest and healthiest ways of living. Everybody is a product of their environment, so make sure you keep yours as pure as possible. Coway’s air/water/body purification system is one of the most innovative advanced technological devices out there, with a sleek aesthetically pleasing design. Just like the old saying goes, “out with the bad and in with the good”, this is how we go about making a difference in the world and bringing you a new level of happiness.

No.1 Brand

Based on 2017 TNS survey data

Water purifiers and air purifiers in the Korean market.



As of 2019, 4,918 persons are our employees.


Intellectual property

Including utility patents, trademarks, design as of 2019

$2.5 Billion

Annual Sales

Water purifiers and air purifiers in the Korean market.



Our global operations as of 2019



Our R&D resources as of 2019



Plastic recycled as of 2019

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