How to Choose a Water Purifier for Home

How to Choose a Water Purifier for Home

Scientists estimate that over 200 million people in the US alone have contaminated tap water [1]. That's the majority of Americans; this means that it is not safe to assume that your drinking water is contaminant free. Therefore choosing the best water purifier for your home is essential to ensuring that you and your family are safe from contaminated water.


The best water filtration system will not only make your water taste better but protect you from ingesting harmful substances such as lead and even radioactive substances, which have been known to be found in tap water [2].


It's important to make sure that your water purifier for home has all the essential qualities to make sure that it is the best water purifier you can buy to make your drinking water safe to ingest. At, we offer the best water filtration system on the market, but what is it you should be looking for when purchasing a water purifier for home? We’ve compiled a short guide for you to follow:


Top of the Line Water Filtration:


The utmost important thing to keep an eye on in any kind of home water purification system is filtration. Some cheaper options may only have filtration, which makes your water taste better and removes odors, but this isn't doing the more difficult task of eliminating any harmful substances that could cause health issues if you ingest them.


Any coway water filter will eliminate contaminated substances from your drinking water. Products such as our Ultra Hot, Cold, Ice Standing Water Purifier are built with three different filters, which will be sure to eliminate any contaminants. These three filters should be a benchmark for looking for the best water purifier for your home.


The first filter is a Neo-Sense Filter, which reduces any sediment or excess chlorine in your water. Not only will this remove any strange tastes or odors from your water, but it will also ensure that your water is safe from any harmful substances that may be found in the sediment.


The second filter is an RO Membrane filter, which removes any water contaminants such as heavy metals, damaging organic chemicals, and even radioactive substances. Again, this will ensure that there are no health risks involved in drinking your water. As well as these filters, any coway water purifier will have a Plus Inno-Sense filter installed to reduce any odors and improve the taste of your purified water.




When it comes to finding the best water filtration system for your home, you should always consider what filters are involved in the home water purification systems you weigh up. Any of our CHYPERLINK ""owayHYPERLINK "" products will ensure that your water is filtrated to the best possible level so that your water is safe and taste like it is supposed to.










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