Home Water Purification Systems

Home Water Purification Systems

Having a proper drinking water filtration system installed in your home is more important than ever. The U.S EPA has estimated that more than 80 contaminants can be found in drinking water that pose a risk to human health [1].


In addition, more than 19 million Americans get sick from drinking contaminated water [2], which is why you should ensure that you have the best water filtration system installed in your home so that you and your family can be safe.


At Coway, we offer a range of home water purifications that are sure to remove any contaminants as well as any strange odors from your water. Products like our Slim Standing Water Purifier are renowned for being the best water filtration system on the market. But what exactly are home water purification systems? Here are the facts:


What is a Home Water Purification System?


A home water purification system aims to purify any water that comes into your house. Because tap water is not adequately filtrated for human consumption, a water purifier for home is imperative to ensuring that your water is safe.


A sound water purifier system will ensure that your water is free from contaminants such as lead, harmful natural chemicals, and even radioactive substances. On top of this, the best water filtration system will also ensure that your water is odorless and tastes like it's supposed to.


An essential thing to note when searching for the best water purification system is that not all purification systems are suited to making sure your water is contamination free. Any Coway water purifier will be suited to removing contaminants in your water. Still, some other water purifiers only aim to make sure your water doesn't taste bad and don't actually do the hard work of ensuring your water is safe.


What Should I Look Out for When Buying a Home Water Purification System?


At, we offer a three-pronged water filtration system available for all our products which is the benchmark for water purification. Any sound home water purification system should be able to account for these three types of filtration.


The first filter we offer in our products is a Neo-Sense filter which reduces any sediment in your water as well as removing excess chlorine. This filter makes sure your water tastes good and is of high quality, as well as ensuring you are not ingesting anything harmful that could be contained within sediment.


Our RO membrane filter removes any water contaminants like heavy metals, harmful organic chemicals, microbes, and radioactive substances. This makes our products the best water filtration system on the market since they will easily remove anything that is detrimental to your health from your drinking water.


Coway water purifiers also include a Plus Inno-Sense filter, which reduces odors and improves the taste of your purified water.




A home water purification system is essential for anyone looking to make sure their tap water is safe. At Coway, we offer a range of water purification systems for homes that will remove contaminants and ensure your water tastes good. Check out the full range at







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