Dehydration Symptoms: Should You Ignore Them?

Dehydration Symptoms: Should You Ignore Them?

We have all experienced dehydration symptoms at some point in our lives. Whether because we had a long day in the summer sun or because we are ill, dehydration can leave us feeling worse for wear. However, what are the signs of dehydration, and should you ignore them?

What are the most common dehydration symptoms?

     Anyone of any age can become dehydrated, and understanding the most common signs of dehydration can help minimize the impact it has on your life. While the most common indication your fluid levels are dropping is a dry mouth, some of the most common signs in adults include:
-        Muscle fatigue
-        Dizziness
-        Confusion
-        Reduced cognitive abilities
-        Dark-colored urine
-        Experiencing fever and chills
For children and young babies, you might also notice:
-        That they are easily irritable
-        Have a sunken soft spot on the top of their skull
-        Crying without any tears
-        Sunken cheeks and eyes


What to do if you notice signs of dehydration

If you are experiencing dehydration symptoms, then you should not ignore them. The most effective way to prevent dehydration is to ensure you are drinking your recommended amount each day. If you are dehydrated, you should avoid gulping large amounts of water in one go. Instead, you should sip slowly and build up until your urine is clear in color.


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