5 Reasons to Use a Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

5 Reasons to Use a Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

When considering cost-effecting drinking water options for your home or business, few alternatives rival the benefits of a bottleless water cooler dispenser. This article will outline five main reasons to use a bottleless water cooler dispenser when compared to other types of water dispensers and water filter systems.


1.     More economical

The cost of bottled water, whether it’s individual bottles of water or jugs of water for a dispenser, are far more expensive than tap water. Bottleless water cooler dispensers are connected to water supply lines and filter the water before dispensing. There are some costs associated with maintenance and filter changes, but compared to cost of bottled water purchases throughout the lifetime of the bottles water cooler dispenser, the latter emerges victorious.


2.     More environmentally friendly

Bottled water, regardless of the container size, imposes a notable environmental burden. While plastic pollution is a large part of this negative environmental impact, there are many other environmental drawbacks from bottled water. Regarding the plastic itself, there are emissions from sourcing and producing the bottles. Transporting the bottles and filling the bottles also create more emissions. Once filled, the heavy water bottles are responsible for more emissions due to the fuel required to transport. Lastly, recycling isn’t always beneficial for the planet, so even if the plastic is recycled after use, the plastic cycle is still damaging to the environment.

3.     Comparable or superior contaminant protections

Given the choice between bottle and tap water, perceptions tend to favor bottled water’s safety. However, though most people claim to prefer the taste of bottled water, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is cleaner than properly filtered tap water. Numerous bottled water brands use municipal water as their source of water. Bottled water is also able to avoid some of the rigorous testing that water filters are subject to. Many claims of the purity of bottled water are made by the companies themselves, which leaves room for error. The most effective way to remove contaminants from the water you drink is to filter it yourself using tested and certified filters.


Coway USA systems utilize reverse osmosis filtration, which is often considered the best type of filtration for individual use. Alongside activated carbon filters, to remove contaminants that the RO filter is not optimized for, Coway USA systems offer some of the best protection against water-borne contaminants.


4.     Better ease of use

Conventional coolers demand lifting and installing 42-pound jugs, which is often impossible for many. Even if the drinker is capable of lifting the jug, doing so can result in injury. This makes bottleless water cooler dispensers ideal for older individuals, individuals with mobility issues, or those small in stature.

5.     Better space usage

Conventional bottled water coolers consume substantial amounts of space, The actual unit itself may be compact, but the bottled, both full and empty ones, take up a lot of space. Scheduling more frequent water deliveries and pickups may solve some of the problems, but this can be inconvenient and won’t completely solve the issue of wasted space. A bottleless water cooler on the other hand will just take up as much space as the bottle dispenser itself, maybe even less!

Ultimately, transitioning to bottleless solutions optimizes usability, enhances accessibility, and liberates valuable space. These benefits, combined with the cost saving and environmental consciousness make bottleless water cooler dispensers the perfect choice for most homes, offices, and businesses.


Coway USA water purifiers are bottleless water cooler dispensers that utilize a three-stage reverse osmosis filter system. Say goodbye to the bottles and hello to clean, convenient, and delicious water.


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