Best Water Purifier of 2022

Best Water Purifier of 2022

As the CDC boldly states, ‘Not all filters are created equal’ [1]. Plenty of water purification systems for home use aren’t all that suited to making your water less harmful; instead, they just aim to make it taste better.


If you’re looking for the best water purifier, then you should be aiming to find a water purifier that not only makes your water taste nice but also removes harmful contaminants.


Water purifiers are constantly evolving due to scientific research finding new ways to remove radiation [2]. Therefore, any cowayHYPERLINK "" water purifier will be on the cutting edge of water purifying technology, as they all implement filters that aim to remove contaminants to the best capacity.


Here is a rundown of one of our best-selling products, the Ultra Countertop Hot, Cold HYPERLINK ""&HYPERLINK "" Ice Water Purifier,  and why it is quickly making its way up the ladder as the best water purifier of 2022:


Includes the Best Water Filter System:


As with any coway products, the Ultra Countertop Purifier contains three filters that aim to make your water safe, contamination-free, and odorless. The first filter is the Neo-Sense Filter, which aims to remove any sediment and chlorine from your water. Coupled with it enhancing the flavor of your water, this filter will prevent any health concerns from ingesting unknown sediments or chlorine regularly in your water.


This coway water purifier also has an RO membrane filter, removing harmful organic chemicals, microbes, and even radioactive substances. This filter is a benchmark for any water filtration due to being up to date with the latest scientific discoveries. On top of all of these, this coway water purifier also includes a Plus Inno-Sense filter aimed at reducing odors and improving the taste of purified water.


Compact and Elegant:


Designed for the countertop, the Ultra Countertop Water Purifier is also extremely visually pleasing and will fit perfectly in your kitchen. Clocking in at 13.4 x 20.7 x 20.3 inches, this water purification system will sit neatly and discreetly on your countertop, making it a top contender for the best home water purifier.


Packed with Cutting-Edge Features:


This coway water purifier makes your water safe in style and has plenty of cutting-edge features that you'd be struggling to find elsewhere on the market. For example, this purified water machine provides crystal ice through a wave generation system that removes air bubbles from the water during ice production.


As well as this, this water filter system also includes a light-sensing power-saving function as well as an easy one-touch continuous extraction feature. This makes the product easy to use and energy-efficient, setting it apart from its competition.




The Ultra Countertop Hot, Cold HYPERLINK ""&HYPERLINK "" Ice Water Purifier is the best water filtration system of 2022. With cutting-edge filters and a sleek & elegant design, you will be hard-pressed to find a water purifier for home which matches the features that this coway water purifier offers.


If you’re in the market for a different type of water purifier, we’re sure one of our products will catch your eye. Head over to to see our full range of products available.









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