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Water Purifier HEART Service

Exclusive filtration technologies create more
comfortable and healthier life.

01 Efficient Filter Replacement Service

Water can contain dirt, minerals, chemicals and other impurities that can cause bad odor and taste. Some of these contaminants can endanger one’s health.
Coway provides the most reliable filtering system with every filter certified by WAQ.

02 Detailed Cleaning and Maintenance over water pathways

Through maintenance of the water tank and water paths in order to ensure and provide clean water.

The water tank and water paths are serviced in detail through the use of a specialized water purifier sanitation kit during Coway Lady’s maintenance visits.

03 Customer Specific Service Kit

[ Individual Service Kit ]

[ Kit Components ]



Cleaning tissue


Cleaning stick faucet cleaning


Exterior cleaning tissue

Water Purifier HEART Service


Separate water tank from the body to wash and sterilize

Ice water purifier special service

Individually separate the ice tank to clean

Ice AIS model service

Ice extraction

Internal cleaning 1

Internal cleaning 2


Filter change


Cleaning faucet


Exterior cleaning

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