Facts Don’t Lie! Tap Water Can Be Harmful For Your Health

It’s estimated that tens of millions of Americans are exposed to unsafe drinking water each year, according to the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA (3a).​ Surprisingly, the EPA estimates that thousands of unique water additives go unregulated, which means that the water that we all drink on a daily basis may actually be contaminated if not purified by a water system. Unsurprisingly, tap water is harmful for your health. Its up to you to protect your home and family wellbeing by drinking clean, filtered water from a water purification system.

What is found in tap water?

Let’s take a brief dive into some of the most common particles found in our tap water.


These ingredients actually do a fantastic job of preventing bacteria and virus growth in our water systems. However if untreated via a water purification system, these additives are known to cause harmful byproducts with lasting health effects that are often irreversible.


Water purifiers are a great option most Americans considering the amount of lead in our drinking water. The ever growing fear of lead-laden water is prevalent in the media and scientific studies for a fair reason. Lead exposure is one of the most deadly contaminants in any amount, for anyone of any age group. It’s prevalence can be explained by old pipes, water infrastructure which become corroded overtime with lead and other harmful contaminants as seen in Flint, Michigan (3b).​


This chemical is one of the most commonly found pesticides in US water supplies, especially across the Southern states and Midwest. Studies are ongoing to discover whether this chemical poses side effects to those who drink it. (3c)​ In the case of uncertainty, a water purification system can take the stress and unknown out of the water you consume.


Chromium-6 is a chemical pathogen which often goes unnoticed and unchecked in water supplies around the world. Recent studies have suggested that this chemical causes cancer if consumed in high enough volumes (3d).​


Arsenic is a naturally occurring ground-contaminant and has been seeping into mainstream water supplies for decades. Any concentration over 3 parts per billion can be expected to be unsafe to consume. The percentage of arsenic, however small, can be made nearly inexistent and less harmful by a water purification system.

There are simple solutions for your home

Why risk drinking contaminated water when your body is at least 50% liquid? More and more Americans are choosing to be on the right side of history by realizing the harmful effects of tap water by taking control of the water their families consume by investing in a high-quality water purifier.

Contrary to popular belief, water purifiers have significantly improved in technology to preserve important minerals found in tap water, while filtering out the harmful contaminants. A water system from Coway can remove ionic particles up to a ten of a thousandth of the width of hair - providing impressive water purification for your home, business, or office. Take back control of your health by investing in the technology of a water purification system.