Coway Care Specialist


Coway's coordination will make your water and
air healthy for you to drink and breathe.


Cody is the abbreviation for Coway Lady.
Cody is a life-care consultant in Coway who takes care of customers' healthy, happy lives with responsibility and passion.


CS Doctor refers to our special technician who performs
installation and all technical support. 

CS Dr?

CS Dr.(Customer Satisfaction Doctor)is product service specialist who represents Coway and provides product installation, transfer and disassembly services and maximizes customer satisfaction by implementing good faith.


HP (Health Planner) is sales representatives delivering information about health and wellness.

Health Planner?

We design a healthy life for our customers. Based on our expertise in health and environment, we are a professional clean well-being expert who designs a healthy lifestyle for customers and is a sales specialist who is responsible for delivering accurate information on Coway products and selling them.