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HP (Health Planner)

It's like running your own business online

Educate and present potential customers of CowayUSA's products and their values. Make as many sales as possible through your own sales tactics and network.

Mobile App based Operations

Everything from taking orders to seeing your commission and goal-based incentives, CowayUSA's mobile app platform has you covered.

Online Business Implementation

Using various social media platforms and online sales strategies, you are able to grow your own business as you see fit.

Online Training Method

CowayUSA provides some of the best online training platforms so you are ready to roll from day one.

Become a Coway Health Planner Today!

Anyone can be successful with the right amount of planning and execution at the comfort of your own schedule and home.


Interest in running an online business and also in Business to Consumer sales.

How To Apply

Submit Resume to or Contact to 213-386-3033

Goal-Based Travel Rewards

The top performers will be given travel rewards and various goal-based incentives during our annual awards ceremony.

Benefits & Excellent Company Culture

2021 #1 Brand Power in South Korea

2021 #1 First Brand in South Korea

2020 Top National Brand Competitiveness

2020 Top Purchase Rate in Korea

2020 Top Quality Product Service

Home Care Done the Right Way, Coway

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