Modern Bidet

Model BA-13
Features White Color

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The cleaner way - Coway's premium bidet

Cleaner than ever

Hygiene, comfort, and convenience in the bathroom.

Easy installation and convenient control with the remote control

Remote control is possible to install in small/narrow space.

Stainless nozzles for
improved hygiene

The full stainless dual nozzles prevent
contamination from building up.

Filtering tap water
via mesh filter

During the initial stage of pre-cleaning
the incoming water, the mesh filter removes
particulate matters.

Air + Water stream

Soft but powerful cleansing function for your body.

Energy saving system
for hot water

The instant hot water system reduces
power consumption by 60% versus
conventional storage tank system.

IPX5 waterproof level for safe management and use

The three parts sensors system ensures safety by shutting off equipment in potentially hazardous conditions. PBA molding forms a waterproof airtight unit that prevents moisture penetration.

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Water Filtration
Feed Water Pressure 14.5 psi ~ 100 psi (0.1 Mpa ~ 0.7 Mpa)
Dimensions (W X D X H)|Round 15 X 19.4 X 5.7 inch (382 X 493 X 144 mm) (BA13-AR/BR)
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Rear cleansing 1 minute, Max. 0.13gal/min (0.5ℓ/min), Self-cleaning nozzle
Dimensions (W X D X H)|Elongate 15 X 20.8 X 5.7 inch (382 X 528 X 144 mm) (BA13-AE/BE)
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Front cleansing 1 minute, Max. 0.13gal/min (0.5ℓ/min), Self-cleaning nozzle
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Water Pressure 3 levels
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Water temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H,)
Warm water cleansing device (Storage heater)|Power (heat) 1250 W
Air dryer device|Air temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H)
Air dryer device|Operate time 2 minutes
Air dryer device|Power consumption (dryer) 180 W
Heated seat|Seat temperature 4 levels (Off, L, M, H)
Heated seat|Power consumption (Heater) 60W
Filtration Mesh filter
Other functions Stainless steel twin nozzle, Nozzle position adjustment, Move, Air+ water stream, Eco mode, (Wide, Deodorization, : BA13-B only)
Safety devices Bimetal, Temperature sensor, Temperature fuse, micro switch
Control type Remote control
Feed water temperature 41 ℉ ~ 104 ℉ (5 ℃ ~ 40 ℃)
Net Weight|Round 13.2 ℓb (6 kg) (BA13-AR/BR)
Net Weight|Elongate 14.3 ℓb (6.5 kg) (BA13-AE/BE)

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