How Cleaner Air Impacts Your Mental Health

How Cleaner Air Impacts Your Mental Health

In 2019 alone, a whopping 47,800 Americans died as a result of poor air quality (1a​). If you don’t question the air you breathe in, you would be among millions of Americans who are affected in their day-to-day lives by air pollution without realizing the actual impact of living in a metropolitan area or major cities. In 80% of all countries worldwide, people are breathing air which is unsafe. In emerging nations, this figure shockingly sits at almost 97% (1b)​

How does my air become polluted?

Air pollution is caused by tiny particles of matter and gas which linger in our atmosphere, created mainly by global industries, transportation pollution, and farming. Unclean air is more common in major cities rather than rural areas due to the higher concentration of residents, transport and manufacturing.

But no matter where you live, it is likely that you are exposed to air pollution of some degree, especially in your own home. In fact, many of your daily home activities can be contributing to the quality of air in your space such as use of cleaning products, automobile fumes, yard equipment, trash output, and methane (1c​).​

What are the physical effects?

The physical effects of unclean air may present themselves as symptoms of other conditions, such as asthma and allergies, both of which are consequences of air pollution and pollination. Coway’s Air Purifiers are strategically engineered to prevent that. If you have experienced symptoms such as shortness of breath, a runny or congested nose, stinging eyes, headaches, difficulty breathing, fatigue or a cough, you may simply be experiencing the effects of air pollution. This is especially likely if the symptoms linger with no obvious cause (1d)​.

Of course, pre-existing conditions like asthma, allergies and emphysema may be irritated by being in contact with allergens, dust, gas, chemicals and other air pollutants if not addressed by solutions such as an air purification system which are common irritants prevalent in the air, inside your own home.

What are the mental effects?

Experiencing the physical effects of allergies and asthma is not enjoyable for anyone, considering there are many forms of allergy and asthma relief. However long-term effects of dirty, unclean air without the use of an air purifier can begin to have severe mental health effects.

Poor air quality affects your daily livelihood. Beginning with waking up with a congested nose can directly lead to headaches; which in turn can lead to depression and an overall moody state of mind. New studies show that poor air quality can have severe consequences on your brain as well. Research has shown that air pollution will damage a child’s cognitive abilities as well as impacting an adult’s cognitive decline (1e).

What can I do about it?

On a mass scale, an individual American may find it hard to make large improvements to the quality of the air around the world. When looking at the big picture, the responsibility lies in the control of government organizations and large corporations. However, only you can take control of the air quality in your own home, and live peacefully knowing that your space is largely freed of irritating contaminants and particles. Our Coway Air Purifiers are here for that sole purpose. To keep your home free of air pollutants which cause physical and mental harm.

One of the most effective solutions is to invest in an air purifier or air purification system. If you are suffering from asthma, allergies or considering the possible mental health effects of air pollution, you may find benefit in a personal air purifier. A high quality air purifier will have several layers of protection for your home including filters for microfiber, yellow dust, formaldehyde, and fine dust. An ideal air purification system will have a wide physical range, ensuring that entire rooms are serviced. Browse our selection of highly-effective air purifiers here. That’s the Coway promise. Home care done the right way, Coway.