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Air Purifier

Pre filter cleaning → Regular filter change → Sensor inspection  → Exterior Cleaning

Air Purifier Self-Inspection Manual

Check list before cleaning APM-1010DH

  • Wash water tank and humidifying filter with your hands.

  • Unplug the power before cleaning.

  • Dry completely before use.

  • Do not soak the product in the water.

Water tank cleaning (recommend: everyday / at least twice a week)

Water tank cleaning

Separate the water tank out and fill the tank with third of a cup of water, then apply soap and shake the tank for several seconds. Wipe and dry it completely.

Humidifying Filter Cleaning (recommend: everyday/ at least twice a week)

수조부 청소

Take the filter out and wash it under running water. Use a brush with soap to clean the back of the filter. Next, clean the shield and the cover under running water, then clean anti- bacterial case with a brush.

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