What to expect from HEART Service?

Coway’s HEART Service is the highest quality maintenance service provided by our Coway Ladies (also known as Cody). Cody will visit you on scheduled date and will perform the best maintenance service to your home. Today, we know that our success as the best home appliance brand is based on the principles that we enthusiastically endorse:

  • Regular filter change service per term
  • Top quality exterior maintenance service
  • Examine performance
  • Consultation on your health and wellness

Heart Service Overview

  • Water Purifier

    How do we get safe water?We provide clean drinking water in the world with Cody’s top quality maintenance service.

  • Air Purifier

    Are you suffering from allergies, fine dust, or asthma?Coway’s air filtration system will help you with airborne dust.

  • Bidet

    Do you use too much toilet paper and worry about your sensitive area?Our style savvy & sleek design digital bidet will not only save your spending but cares your sensitive area.

  • Water Softener

    Are you having trouble with dry skin or eczema?Moisturize your skin and stay away from skin trouble with your Coway’s compact water softener.