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Product and Filters



Differentiated pH Embodiment System Generating various pH Ion Modes

  • Cold ion Water Feature makes cold alkaline water.
  • Differentiated pH Embodiment System generates the various pH ion modes.
  • Electrolysis Cleaning Feature
7 Steps of Cold/Ambient/Ion Water Filtering System
Filtering is enhanced with 7 levels of ambient/alkaline water system through the
NF Membrane filter.
Cold Ion Water Feature
Cold ion water is extracted directly from the unit.
Differentiated pH Embodiment System
(cooling first. electrolysis is the final process)
Precise pH system is embodied with various pH modes (strong alkaline,
weak alkaline) and an instant electrolysis system. Also, the residue formed
in the storage tank is restrained.
Dual Overflow Prevention
The dual water level sensor prevents overflow in the tank.
Refined Design
Simple product design and high quality color will bring
a lofty atmosphere.
Sanitary One-Touch Electronic Extraction
It protects extraction from external contamination. Extraction of ambient
and alkaline are separated, and one-touch electronic extraction system
makes it easy to use.
Bacteria Growth Control
Ceramic filter controls the growth of bacteria in the tank.
Supercooling Protection Feature
In case of severely low cold water temperature, the system monitors
the electromotor not to function in order to prevent it from freezing and
problems that may occur.
Airtight Tank for Secondary Antipollution Equipment
To protect secondary pollution by dust, bugs, and unknown substance
infiltration, extra airtight structure is applied within the storage tank
for sanitation.
Electrolysis Cleaning Feature
1) If no ion water is extracted after 1 minute of extraction, it
automatically cleans the electrolysis.
2) After ion water extraction, automatic cleaning system activates, cleansing every 7 hours.
3) After plugging in the product and 30 minutes after the cooling feature
runs, automatic cleaning activates right before the cooling feature turns off.
Water Filtration
Filter Cartridge Plus-Sediment: 11"/1900gal
Pre-Carbon: 8"/3800GAL
Membrane: NF Membrane 11"/1900 gal - 30 GPD
Post- Carbon: Fine Post-Carbon (Post-Carbon +Fine)
Ceramic/ UV Lamp: Ceramic
Flow rate/ Production Rate 151L/d (25⁰C, 138kPa)
Filter Life Step 1) Plus Sediment Filter (6 months)
Step 2) Pre-Carbon Filter (12 months)
Step 3) NF Membrane Filter (12months)
Step 4) Innosense Filter (18 months)
Step 5) Ceramic Filter (12 months)
Filtration Capacity 77F, 20 psi
Tank Capacity Ambient 1.6gal
Cold 0.8gal
Power consumption Compressor 81W
Heater Max. 200W
Feed Water Pressure 138-827 KPa
Feed Water Temperature 41°-95° F
Dimensions(W X D X H) 13.8x 20.1 x 20.1 inch
Net Weight 52.9lb
* Specifications are subject to change without prior notice