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Hepa Filter AP-1005AH

Hepa Filter AP-1005AH

Filter for AP-1005AH

Recommend Replacement Cycle: Every 12 months

Price: $69.00

Mode indicator
By using the Mode button, it is possible to select the operation mode in 4 steps (Auto - Dust - Silent - Eco)
Speed Indicator
By using the speed button, it is possible to select the airflow speed in 6 steps (Step1 - Step2 - Step3 - Step4 - Turbo - Rhythm).
ION/PLASMA indicator
By using the ION/PLASMA button, it is possible to select the operation mode.

Sensor sensibility control function

The Coway customer customizes dust & odor sensibility according to their desire to clean the air.

Additional function for Plasma

The Coway customer selects turning on or off the plasma function according to their desire to save energy. Furthermore, the plasma sign on LCD goes out automatically if the unit detects the problem of its functionality.

Zero Ozone emission

Coway air purifiers don't generate any harmful by-product such as ozone.

Children Safety system

When the front cover is open, the device stops operation automatically.

Easy & economic filter replacement

Filters of AP-1008 can be very easily changed without any equipment, because front cover is attached to its body by magnet. Coway suggests replacement filter value package at least 25% off from its individual regular price. In short, lower annual maintenance cost, cost efficiency is another advantage.