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Established in 1989, Coway has been dedicated to researching and developing environmental solution, particularly wellness appliances and general living standards.

Coway is a market leader in the manufacture and distribution of home wellness appliances with main focus on health and well-being. We have continued to grow to take leadership in the sector, delivering more popularized, specialized and sophisticated home wellness appliances. Our unique competitive advantage is combination of innovative design, reliable products, high-technology manufacturing and collaboration with our partners and customers.

As a result, we are in a unique position as we lead in market share, customer satisfaction and brand power in home wellness appliances. We want to present a convincing case with our quality, design, innovation, consumer benefits and high value in use


Coway prospers continuously with the goal of being the number one company of home wellness appliances in the world.

Vision & Mission


Coway builds a unique corporate culture of energy and excitement believing that only those energized and excited about their work can create outstanding performance with their creative mind and a challenging spirit. Our growth is built on this organizational culture of energy and excitement that inspires creative thinking and strategy which bring everyone together toward the shared vision.

Participation and improvement

Employees who voluntarily participate and grow with the company

Family Culture

Enhancing job satisfaction / forming a culture based on love and trust

Talents Development

Securing excellent talents and developing them for the organizational and individual growth

Customer-oriented Culture

Achieving internal and external customer satisfaction

Brand Identity


In line with our move to change the corporate name to "Coway" a new corporate identity was created in 2013 to express Coway's customer first value proposition of "Trust" and "Confidence" as well as our traditional corporate culture of "Youthfulness" and "Innovation."

The brand name Coway signifies our wish to share our business way with customers, shareholders, Employees, community and the world as well as our commitment to putting customer first, looking at thing from the customers' perspective and sharing happiness with others in the community.